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The Equipment Challenge

31 Mar

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While packing for a L.A./SF work trip this morning, I came up with a little challenge for myself. To see if I can survive for 9 days away with just 5 Equipment shirts (my love of these tops have been documented here and here) and one pair of jeans. Kinda stupid, yes, but a challenge none the less. I’m thinking that at best, it will be Tonne Goodman-esque uniform moment and at worst, people will think I lost my luggage. Either way there is a ton of room in my bag for all the shopping I’m planning on doing in my spare time.

P.s. When my driver arrived to pick me up he asked me where my luggage was, that’s how small my bag was.


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Experience Low Prices With Wholesale Deals and Packages – Raise The Bar!

24 Mar

Experience Low Prices With Wholesale Deals and Packages – Raise The Bar!

Wholesaling has opened a whole new option for the end consumers and drop shippers alike. It allows the potential consumers to purchase stock at the lowest possible prices. It helps them enjoy the prices and discounts that it would not have been otherwise possible to obtain.


Wholesaling allows the consumers to avail the bulk buying advantages. It allows them to bear the potential costs and initial expenses at one time. This leaves the consumers at a major benefit as it allows them to bargain for low prices on the basis of bulk purchase and it allows them to negotiate discounted shipping and delivery options. Also, a few wholesale markets even go a step up and include both the low quantity purchase option and the bulk option. The low quantity option allows the end consumer to directly shop at these stores and escape the exorbitant pricing of the products sold at the high street retail stores and outlets.

What is more is that some wholesale stores go a step up and they offer to the potential consumer discounts and packages that are way too economical to ignore. Most wholesale stores announce seasonal and clearance sales every now and then which allows them to garner the confidence of their consumers. They offer high Focalprice discount deals and coupons which are often discounted as high as a good 75% off on most offers.

Moreover, the packages announced by the Focalprice promotional code offers are at times all inclusive. Most of these offers combine a whole collection of products and services. These all inclusive packages do well to introduce to the consumer holistic packages at remarkably low prices. The packages are, at times, powered by websites and stores that deal solely in the sales of deals and promotional codes. This makes available to the consumer packages that are extremely economical to purchase.

Some of these stores even go further in minimizing the costs. They do so by cutting down their operational costs. This release of operational costs and expensive in turn lowers the price of the goods which means lesser costs are passed on to the consumer. Most businesses cut down costs by operating exclusively for the World Wide Web. This allows them to target a global audience and it allows them to enjoy greater sales.

The consumer too is more than obliged to experience this online buying and selling as it is cost effective on their part too. Online transactions are economical both in terms of time and effort. It saves the consumer the pains of conventional shopping where you have to go look in shop after shop in search of low prices and discount packages.

The writer of this article, Mary Alice Young, is an experienced blogger and content developer. She is also affiliated with various freelance marketplaces and is a contributing writer to various directories. Currently she is a writing as a deals and discount packages enthusiast for read more on focalprice coupons code

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Brown Boots Still Show In Mud

23 Mar

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I stood there, a couple of meters away, I saw the look in their eyes filled with gruesome desire. I knew. And I knew, too, that I waited. I couldn’t walk away.

I looked in the mirror and asked my mother, shouting, “You need to book me an appointment with the dentist”, as I stared at the hole in my teeth that’s been there for a couple of years. A couple of minutes later, she came out of her bedroom and I’m grateful that she, unlike my father, didn’t try to act like a doctor in the most inept way, touching my gums. Because that’s exactly what my dad did.

A couple of months later, and again there I was, yelling, “MOM YOU STILL DIDN’T BOOK ME AN APPOINTMENT”
And then she asked my father to do it.
It was finally booked, a Wednesday afternoon.

I didn’t…

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My Current Hair Care Routine

23 Mar

Moist your hair…

Pretty Little Things

My hair is naturally wavy/curly and is quite thick and unruly, and I am trying desperately to grow it longer. It was about half way down my back at one point, then cut it to just below shoulder length, then had a graduated bob – and I hated it! So I want it back to how it was beforehand. I think it was actually a lot more manageable when it was longer, probably because the weight of it kept the frizz at bay. So in a bid to protect what is left of my damaged hair (I definitely do not recommend dying your hair several times in a short space of time and then stripping the colour out again) I rotate between shampoos and conditioners, and use an intensive mask once a week. Here are the things I use 🙂


aussie shampoo

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner, and the 3 Minute…

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23 Mar

With the increasing knowledge of the internet users on how to navigate around webstores and websites, the prospect of online shopping has increased. There were days when no one wanted to trust the internet. This was primarily the attitude incurred due to the great many stories that were circulated on a daily basis on internet frauds and credit and identity theft. However, with the increase in the number of sophiscated sites on the internet, the confidence of the potential transactors of businesses was mustered.

Eventually, webstores that dealt in clothing and households statered to spring up. The whole concept of these was to save time and satisfy the consumer. Even though the audience was unresponsive and reluctant initially, the sites flourished with time and gained popularity. With time, the business in the online wholesaling and retailing was so promising and seen as lucrative, that many stores and brands shut down their shops and boutiques and switched to the virtual market buying and selling.

Online shopping, proved itself perfectly fit the the new ways of life of the young, new millenium. With the introduction of smart gadgets, fast lives, fast food and even instant communication devices, the prospect of virtual shopping was no longer looked down upon. Women and men alike embraced this new, convenient way to shop. It was perfectly compatible with the fast lives of the new era and it fit to the new ways of transferring money online. Yes, even the online banking was now secure enough to be trusted.

Moreover, the virtual marketplaces not only offer to save time for you but it offers promising variety and diversity. With the tough global competition to deal with, these marketplaces do well to respond to various fashion trends and styles. Also, since the world wide web is free and open, the fashion statements and styles here spread like wildfire!

The online clothing market is not just limited to buying and selling, but it also is home to various prominent wholesale webstores. These webstores allow affiliate marketing and drop ship facilities. And hence, the business being transacted here is global and endless.

Furthermore, online shopping for women is not just hassle free and time saving, but it also allows the women to acquire products that would not have been otherwise available in the local market. For instance, the third world countries can too benefit from all the clothes and products being manufactured in the developed and more advanced countries. Also, if a product or commodity is short in one country, it can alway be ordered from a virtual market place. This invigours the flow of money in the economy and promises growth.

The virtual markets allow credit facility and cash on delivery options. This opens the payment options of the customers and makes the selling and buying easier and more effecient. The twenty four hour customer service facility and shipping returns makes the whole, shopping over the virtual market experience worthwhile. The products offered online are modestly priced too, so if there is inflation hitting your country and you wish to escape the exorbiant prices, then this is the best way to do so. Also, high discounts and enticing packages are often announce on these webstores that further allow you to cut down expenditure.

The writer of this article, Mary Alice Young, is an experienced blogger and content developer. She is also affiliated with various freelance marketplaces and is a contributing writer to various directories.

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Top 5 Varsity D.I.Y Projects

23 Mar

D.I.Y.- The Best way to Save Big!

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Varsity Letters have been a staple on high school campuses for decades. After these D.I.Y tutorials these pieces will be a staple in your closets as well.



Huffington Post 1



Check out our selection of Varsity Letters and Numbers at M&J Trimming or

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Danger Lurking in Energy Drinks?

23 Mar

Cut back on energy drinks and save up…

Avail discounted prices and rates on alkaline water. Alkaline Water deemed healthier by the authorities.

24/7 Wall St.

glass of watterA new study presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association analyzed seven earlier studies of the effects of energy drinks and found evidence that the beverages appear to affect a consumer’s natural heart rhythm and may lead to increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or even death. The high caffeine content of the drinks could be to blame.

Energy drink maker Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: MNST), along with privately held firms like Living Essentials (makers of 5-hour Energy drinks) and Red Bull have been subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations in response to complaints that the drinks are linked to hospitalizations and death.

The new study’s lead author avoids sweeping conclusions however. Bloomberg cites him:

We need to look at the effects of long-term energy drinks consumption and see what the consequences are. Everything is good in moderation. Drink them within the limits that…

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Protein Supplements for the Human Anatomy- Grow Ectomorph, Grow!

23 Mar

Protein Supplements for the Human Anatomy- Grow Ectomorph, Grow!

The human anatomy is designed to store the nutrients and minerals that it requires in order to work well and grow. These nutrients are supplied to our bodies in the form of the calories and foods we consume. The importance of a healthy and well balanced diet to the human body is immense. And, no matter how clichéd it may sound, a well balanced and nourishing diet is a must to consume for the human body.

The foods we eat contribute to the well being and efficient working of our anatomy. These foods work as the guardians of our health and maintainers of our nutrient levels. The chemical imbalances that take place in the human body and unstable PH values that surface in the anatomy due to the lack of proper diet and nutrients can prove rather detrimental to the health. These imbalances have to be stabilized in order to ensure that all our organs, tissues, bodily systems work in perfect harmony with each other.

However, to ensure this, it is not always sufficient that we only eat and drink well. The kind of food we consume, even if it is the type of food that has been labeled as unhealthy, junk or bad food lacks the proper organic nutrient that the body needs. Our foods, which are mainly processed or frozen are full of impurities and synthetic ingredients and preservatives. It is hence, vital for the human body to consume supplementary nutrients apart from our dietary calories in order to ensure perfect functioning.

The Ectomorph body type, for instance, is the type of body that has a strikingly fast metabolic rate and a a tendency to not gain or lose weight easily. These bodies are seen as pretty stubborn in this regard as they barely ever gain or lose any muscle mass. These bodies, as a result, experience stunted growth and little rejuvenation. There are some ectomorph bodies, that no matter how they rigorously they work out and how enthusiastically they consume food, they just do not grow!

And hence, these bodies need supplements to rely upon for growth. Supplements render themselves a must for these bodies and are, in fact, a necessity rather than being an option. When the bodies reach a certain age, they start to degenerate. This whole “wear and tear” process of the human anatomy start when the body hits the middle ages. When there are not enough nutrients in the human body that are required to combat the process of wear and tear the body starts to age prematurely. Even in the early thirties, individuals start to witness the perturbing signs of aging.

For that matter, the use of protein supplements is extremely important to the human anatomy. They rejuvenate, refresh, add growth and mass and restore the required levels of sugar to the anatomy. These supplements are not even expensive as they come with enticing pureformula coupons code and discount packages.

Furthermore, the most sought after types of protein supplements and pureformula promotion code packages and deals include:

  • Protien supplement powders
  • Protien bars
  • Weight gainers
  • Muscle enhancers
  • And, meal replacements

These supplements ensure that the body gets its required dose of protein on a regular basis. They solidify the muscle mass and add substance to the human body.

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